Electrical Maintenance

From light bulbs to high voltage distribution systems, our specialists will maintain all your equipment and ensure systems operate at peak efficiency. Service levels will be matched to you needs, whether you need a permanent on-site presence or visits from our team of mobile operators.

We can undertake all electrical projects and deliver safe outcomes, in-time and on budget. We can run and maintain standby generators, advising on their installation, including finance and feed-in tariff options.

We will ensure your electrical systems are fully inspected and kept up to date with the latest regulatory requirements ensuring absolute compliance, offering portable appliance testing and periodic five yearly fixed wire testing.

Additional cost savings can be found with our energy consumption monitoring service, which identifies usage patterns so you can monitor consumption explore possible cost reduction strategies.

Advanced, non-destructive testing such as thermo graphic surveys and transformer oil testing can also highlight possible issues before they become problems, such as overheating caused by overloaded circuits and poor terminations – a possibility in all electrical components and hardware

We offer both planned and reactive services and will produce a schedule of works and an asset register. Our flexible work rotas allow us to work when it suits you: office hours, out-of-hours , evenings or weekends


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