Data Security

Our range of Data Security and Cyber Protection Services are delivered by CSS Facilities, where we can provide your business with advice on how to manage the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is effective from May 2018. This new legislation is mandatory and affects all businesses regardless of size and industry sector. Our team of experts can support your business to become compliant to this new legislation cost effectively so your core business functions can proceed without unnecessary disruption or significant fines relating to non-compliance with this new legislation.

Using our 3-Step self-assessment compliance model, we ensure that you are able to demonstrate your commitment to both Information Security and Data Protection to suppliers and customers.

Secure Online Portal

Our Online Portal makes managing the compliance process easy for any size of organisation. It breaks down complex regulatory requirements and controls into easily manageable questions and tasks. Our portal and standards are constructed with auditors and assessors to ensure that they meet the real world needs of compliance management whilst providing an easy to use interface allowing traffic light views of individual policies and also providing customisable dashboard views of compliance from an organisation level down to individual contributors.

Supply Chain

Auditing or managing your supply chain’s compliance with information security and data protection can be challenging.  Branded Portal Access can help you to roll out information security requirements to your supply chain, such as giving all suppliers access to test themselves against Cyber Essentials, IASME and GDPR with or without the need to get certified.  We are able to provide real-time views of your suppliers progress and alert you when something changes.

Our services include: